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How to build great relationships with Media

“Iron lady who shut the door on failure  ” Business Daily April 26th 2012

“One of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country”Citizen TV-Strength of a Woman April 24th 2012

“Why Tabitha Karanja Rocks” The Standard Newspaper 15th September 2011

Such titles and descriptions are not a coincidence, it is partly due to a positive relationship that Tabitha has build with media. A few years ago she asked me out for breakfast and told me that she realized that Media is made up of journalists who are human beings and if she could build respectful relationships with them, they would in return carry her and her business with respect.
After giving Tabitha”s story I throw in a few tips that I have seen her and many who have mastered great relationships with media practice.

1. Date Before You Pitch
Tabitha was clever to call for tea just to chat. It helps to build a relationship, it made me understand her dreams challenges and of course more about the product. Most people decide to pitch to journalists a day before a press conference or a launch and hope to score great articles. This is the worst thing you can do. Don’t expect to pitch to someone who doesn’t know you or your product, in the hopes that the person will understand the story and details just right all in a few days. Instead, build a strong relationship that benefits both of you it’s the only way you can ensure great news coverage.As you know, relationships are everything when you are trying to build a company. A strong relationship with the press is just as important as maintaining relationships with your investors. Before you can even pitch to a reporter, you’ll have to spend months of hard work, maybe even years, building a strong relationship.

2. Courting
You do not have to court all the journalists for courtship, you have to do your homework. Ask your PR firm to zoom in in and find out which reporters reach your target. Research what catches the reporter’s eye, both online casinos personally and professionally.  Know the show they present or the piece they write and bring it up when you meet them, tell them what you liked about it and their other stories. Off course if you do not have time this is research that your PR firm should be provide you with.Have at casino spiele least three points you want to genuinely talk about, none of which relate to your company. Reach out and give the reporter something best online casinos (first send in a story tip, for instance) before asking him for anything. Remember, you slots aren’t looking for a “one night stand;” you are Nar det kommer til utside-bets, tillater roulette spilling deg syv muligheter. courting for a long term relationship, tip him off about breaking news, talk to him about his articles, respond to his questions in articles That initial stream of big best file recovery might actually be quite dirty. and via social media. At this point it will also be good to ask your PR firm to arrange a tour of your company.

3. Getting Serious
You’ve already built a solid and genuine relationship with your reporter. By the time you ask for coverage, you should have helped him out casino spiele a number Call us soon and next Fourth of July you’ll be celebrating Independence Day with a new sense of freedom!There is a lot involved in a motor vehicle on our Arizona roadways. of times. You’ve initiated multiple discussions that cover a variety of topics. At this time you will be comfortable  with  often meeting the reporter have coffee and just chat.

4.The Actual Pitch
By now, you can determine your reporter’s interests and beats and your relationship can at this time has bore fruit with at least two articles the reporter has written. Your Pr firm will guide you on the story because reporters want a current story that their target will find interesting and can relate to.

For your speech and interview please practice make sure again give your let your PR firm help you come with the speech and the will take you through questions that you may be asked after the speech. Practice your  wording before you talk to people. Think of it this way: Would your grandmother be able to understand what you’re taking about? Remember, you’re competing with a million other things that might grab a reporter’s attention. If you aren’t crystal clear, a reporter can get distracted or bored with what you are saying. Connect your product to trends and show how it stands out from others in this area.

5. Ongoing Relationship
Your relationship with a reporter must not end after your press conference or a few stories. Even after the launch you never know a crises may come up the relationship with media at that time can see you through the crises or further break you. Just like Tabitha media can side with you and put pressure on the government to act fairly. You want to be in it for the long-term keep the lines of communication open. It is appropriate to send in a thank you note and your  company merchandise once in while.